Cotswolds Distillery x Josephine Trotter

Nestled away in the Cotswolds, you’ll find the home of Josephine Trotter, an artist who takes inspiration from the environment around her. Her collaboration with Cotswolds Distillery was a natural unity of two equal entities. The distillery approached Josephine to create the new sleeve for their most recent release. We spent the day with Josephine at her home and art studio. Her studio was the perfect backdrop to discuss the collaboration, her life as an artist, and where she draws inspiration from.

Her paintings are full of vibrant colors so we knew we’d lucked out when it came to preparing the set up ready to interview Josephine. Setting up, initially, is one of the longest processes of a shoot day. We allowed our team an hour to perfect the lighting, set up two cameras and ensure the set design was how we wanted it to look. This involved moving a few items around to perfect the look before the interview.

The creative team had a few things to consider: lighting, color palettes, whether or not to use a smoke machine to ensure an aesthetically pleasing and what camera angles were going to work best.

Josephine Trotter is a character with so many stories to tell. She is compelling and her home completely fits the artistic aesthetic we were all imagining. Interviews can be hard to gauge answers and it often takes a few attempts to get things right. With this in mind, we had to stick to a strict time schedule to ensure we got the most out of our day filming.

On top of the interview, we wanted to ensure we got enough time to film around the surrounding area of her home and studio with a glimpse into her world and her art. Josephine lives on an idyllic farm close to the distillery with ponies, dogs, ducks and cows. All of these elements add to great story-telling which really bring an edit together.


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