Budgeting for video marketing


Let’s talk about budgets.

 It’s not always easy navigating money and what it means in the world of video marketing. Having said this, knowing what you want to get from your video content and how much you’re willing to invest in video marketing is essential.

A bigger budget means a bigger project and ultimately, it tells us how to strategize going forward. 

It is important to remember that you are not just paying for a video. You are putting money towards a team of experts. A film crew can range anywhere from 1 - 30+ people dependent on the size of a project. 

With that in mind, you are also investing in a four stage process: brief, pre-production, production and post production - all with their own timelines, teams and project management. 

Some other things to consider before looking into video production:

What outcome do you want? 

What do you want from your video content: are you recruiting? Do you want to create more leads? Do you want your audience to be loyal to the brand? 

How big is the idea, and what do you need to get the desired outcome? Is it a one off film or do you want to create multiple films for consistency. 


Who needs to be involved in your project to make it a success. Do you need actors or can you use friends, families and colleagues in the video?


Where are you going to shoot your content? Hiring spaces can range anywhere from a few hundred pounds to thousands of pounds. Can you shoot at your office or do you need a space that fits the brief?

Budgeting might sound intimidating but if you have an idea of what you want and needs, this will enable your video team to create a video around what you have available. 

The bigger the budget, the bigger the team and the bigger the support they will be able to give you throughout your project.


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